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Soft Skills Certification

To get ahead in the competitive world of work, qualifications are no longer enough. Technical skills, education and training, otherwise known as “hard skills”, don’t necessarily lead to job placement or advancement. To achieve true success, your “soft skills” need to shine.

OHSA & AODA Compliance Certification Ontario

Compliance Certification Training is required by law and ours is interactive. Educate employees and leaders with engaging compliance e-learning that teaches everyone about their rights and responsibilities regarding harassment in the workplace—before complaints plague your organization.

Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Safety Certification

Give your employees/students the support they need to stay positive, connected and engaged. The Workright mental health certification program is developed with a psychological foundation designed to reduce anxiety and stress and help people thrive at work and at home.

Harassment Solutions

Our signature Harassment Prevention & Response Training Program is the only turn-key solution that certifies organizations/schools to effectively manage harassment and bullying. We also specialize in independent harassment investigations, reports and online resources.

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Excellence Canada
Tom Beegan

E-Learning Content

Quality E-Learning at your fingertips wherever you work with easy access to
100+ robust online Certification Programs in Compliance, Workplace Mental Health,
Diversity, Harassment, Soft Skills, Leadership and more.

Learn from our platform or yours.

“Wow! The Mental Health and Psychological Safety Certificate Course is phenomenal. I am loving every bit of it and the learning is so valuable.

I am delighted to be learning from both of you. The course is exhilarating and refreshingly informative and very relevant to current workplace experiences.”

Patricia Koine

“Workright has an incredible approach to building a respectful workplace.”

Ruth Estwick, HR Manager

“The workplace mental wellness courses are informative, engaging, and practical. If you’re looking to improve your current programs or create new ones, this is a great way to get started.”

“This program provided a framework to implement a program at any workplace and provided real background information.”

HR Manager

“The information and content are invaluble to organizations wanting to move forward with mental wellness. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve and support mentally healthy workplaces.”

HR Manager 

Experienced licensed professionals with over two decades of clinical expertise in Workplace Mental Health, Soft Skills, OHSA & AODA Compliance and Harassment prevention, serving as authoritative figures and
industry veterans.

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Quality Online Certification Programs in OHSA & AODA Compliance, Workplace Mental Health, Soft Skills, Harassment, Diversity, Leadership, and more—all developed by licensed professionals.

  • Transformational Certification Programs
  • The best interactive Compliance Certification training on the market
  • Ideal for remote work and learning
  • Customized branded learning environments available


Easy Access to Revolutionary Online Certification Programs

“Workright has an incredible approach to building a respectful workplace.”

-Ruth Estwick, HR Manager

Licensed Professionals

Dr. Stephanie Bot

Dr. Stephanie Bot

C. Psych., Psychoanalyst
President and Co-Founder

Dr. Stephanie Bot is a licensed psychologist, Chief Psychologist at the Forest Hill Centre and co-founder of Workright Ltd. Dr. Bot brings 20 years of clinical experience, business consulting, research and curriculum development to understanding and…

Donna Marshall

Donna Marshall

M.A., Counselling Psychology, RP
CEO and Co-Founder

Donna Marshall is a thought leader, professional speaker, lecturer, curriculum developer, and writer specializing in mental health, harassment, psychological safety, and interpersonal skills training. Along with Dr. Stephanie Bot, she developed…

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