Diversity & Sensitivity Training

Anti-Discrimination, Diversity &
Sensitivity Training

To successfully conduct business in today’s global marketplace in a way that is truly collaborative and inclusive, we must be particularly mindful of and sensitive to the people around us. We need awareness of and tolerance for international racial, religious, gender and cultural differences, local diversity and individual sensitivities in order to cultivate our ability to consistently recognize the values and contributions of every human being.

This important goal can only be achieved through a process of intense self-reflection that leads to personal awareness about the way we have been shaped to see both ourselves and others who are different from us.

This interactive, engaging course will educate you about the individual rights and responsibilities we all have when it comes to anti-discrimination, diversity, sensitivity and inclusion in the workplace and will set the foundation for creating an inclusive, respectful work culture where every person can rise to their potential.

In Anti-Discrimination, Diversity & Sensitivity Training, you will learn to:

  • Understand basic human rights of people in the workplace
  • Understand and demonstrate tolerance and respect for diversity at work
  • Become self aware about your perceptions and behaviour toward others
  • Use language that is non-discriminatory and inclusive
  • Use language that is sensitive and respectful to everyone

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