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Are your people strong on “Hard Skills” but lacking “Soft Skills”?

 Workright’s E-Learning can help.

Soft Skills Certification 

In today’s competitive landscape, qualifications alone are not sufficient.

Leaders know Soft Skills are essential to driving success and workplace culture.

Soft Skills Certificate Program

Soft Skills Certificate Program

developed by Licensed Professionals

Employees gain self-awareness, practical knowledge, and skills to markedly improve their interpersonal soft skills and communication.

Through this 10-part interactive online certificate program, learners assess their own soft-skill abilities in key categories and then build specific skills to improve in their gap areas.  Downloadable journals, resources and interactive exercises ensure understanding and practical application.

Certification Program includes:

  1. Would You Hire You?
        This module includes a personal self-assessment and skill application
        workbook that learners utilize throughout the program.
  2. The Power of Effective Body Language
  3. 3 Keys to Effective Communication
  4. Dealing with Difficult People
  5. Giving Feedback with Confidence
  6. Receiving Feedback with Confidence
  7. Anti-Discrimination, Diversity, and Sensitivity at Work Training
  8. Best Practices for Stress Management & Mindfulness at Work
  9. Smart Social Media Etiquette in the Business World
  10. Navigating Politics, Priorities, and Time in the Workplace

Include 3 Months of Unlimited Access and
Certification Program Downloads

Don’t Need a Complete Certification Program?
Assign These Micro-Certificate Courses Instead.

3 Keys to Effective Communication

3 Keys to Effective Communication

Successful communication in today’s work environment requires the ability to inspire and engage others as well as foster buy-in to ideas, plans, and actions. There are three core skills at the foundation of successful communication, and when they are used effectively, they lead to improved communication in the workplace.

In this Micro-Certificate Course, you will learn to:

  1. Understand the power of ‘I’ messages and clarifying questions
  2. Listen attentively to understand, solve problems, and inspire others
  3. Demonstrate respect with your words, body language, and tone

Duration: 40m

Receiving Feedback with Confidence

Receiving feedback with confidence and grace can be a challenge, especially when the feedback is constructive. Many of us have a natural tendency to get defensive, justify, explain, or even deny the validity of the feedback—even if we need it. Regardless of its validity, the ability to hear, assess and use feedback from others in your workplace is a valuable skill that leads to self-improvement and success.

In this Micro-Certificate Course, you will learn:

  1. Why feedback from others is so valuable to receive
  2. How to avoid feedback “traps” and keep an open mind
  3. How to respond effectively to misguided feedback
  4. How to listen to, assess, integrate, and use feedback to your advantage in the workplace

Duration: 45m

Receiving Feedback with Confidence
The Power of Effective Body Language

The Power of Effective Body Language

Did you know that body language is a powerful communication tool used to convey messages to others in your workplace? Whatever you are feeling, your body language is likely to express. In fact, body language may actually be more powerful than the words you speak.

In this Micro-Certificate Course, you will learn how to use body language in the most effective ways possible, including how to:

  1. Appreciate the power of your body language signals
  2. Maximize para-verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  3. Show confidence with the proper handshake
  4. Utilize eye contact, gestures, silence, and personal space for greater impact
  5. Create a Body Language Action Plan

Duration: 31m

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People get hired for their hard skills and fired for their soft skills.

Elevate your business by equipping your workforce with enhanced Soft Skills.

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