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8 CPD Credits HRPA

This advanced certification program is developed by Licensed Professionals – 
Psychologist Dr. Stephanie Bot and Registered Psychotherapist Donna Marshall.

Workplace Mental Health &
Psychological Safety – Certification Program

This 10-part Certification Program is developed by leading psychologists and mental health professionals so you know you are receiving the most up to date and clinically sound information on the market today.

The interactive modules explain the many aspects related to workplace mental health and clinicians provide clear guidance on how to optimally address these delicate and complex issues within a work setting.  Testing and Certification ensures knowledge transfer. Bulk rates available.

Create a psychologically safe workplace where employee mental health is a high priority.

The interactive modules explain the many aspects of workplace mental health and clinicians provide clear guidance on how to optimally address these delicate and complex issues in a work setting.

Duration: 8h 12m

Curriculum Overview

1. An Introduction to Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Safety

2. Assess Risks and Vulnerabilities to Workplace Mental Health

3. Understanding Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

4. Supporting Employee Mental Health: A Program for Managers

5. Identifying and Managing Addictions in the Workplace

6. Principles of Prevention: A New Model to Promote
Psychological Safety

7. Managing Change: Principles and Best Practices

8. Management of Trauma and Critical Incidents in the Workplace

9. Best Practices for Stress Management & Mindfulness in the Workplace

10. Action Plan for Implementing Mental Health and Psychological Safety in Your Workplace

Endorsed by

Excellence Canada
Tom Beegan

Micro-Certification Courses in
Workplace Mental Health 

In this foundational course by leading psychologist Dr. Stephanie Bot, participants will gain a broad foundational understanding of the various mental disorders and how you may see them present in the workplace.

You will learn to:

  1. Understand stigma and ways to overcome it
  2. Identify 6 common mental disorders that typically present in the workplace
  3. Recognize signs of difficulty in employees/colleagues
  4. Learn how to approach and support colleagues/employees who may have a mental health issue
  5. Identify the barriers for employees in seeking and receiving help
  6.  Learn about support resources

Duration: 34m

This insightful and practical management training course provides a necessary foundation for understanding how to manage and support mental health in the workplace. Participants will learn practical skills and scripts, receive a downloadable document to assist in preparing a Return to Work Plan after a mental health-related leave, as well as learn the 10 Pillars necessary for building a solid business case for supporting mental health at work.

You will learn to:

  1. Understand the impact and consequences of Mental Health issues on employees, colleagues and the organization
  2. Learn manager boundaries in addressing mental health issues at work
  3. Identify the 3 crucial roles managers can take in creating a mentally healthy and psychologically safe workplace
  4. Understand how to manage performance as a means of supporting mental health
  5. Learn how to “start the conversation” with an employee and a script for compassionately supporting them
  6. Identify what to do and not do when creating a Return to Work (RTW) and Accommodation Plan
  7. Download a RTW and Accommodation template
  8. Learn how to manage workplace Culture as a means of supporting mental health of employees
  9. Understand the 10 Pillars managers can utilize in building a solid business case for senior leaders

Duration: 38m

E-Learning Resources to
Support Employee Mental Health,
developed by Licensed Professionals

Managing Depression (Series) $25

This in-depth seminar series provides you with a foundational understanding of the many facets of depression to better manage it in yourself or to support others.
→ Learn More

Managing Anxiety (Series) $25

This three-part series provides the tools to deal with anxiety so you can manage it effectively and learn to incorporate its valuable messages to inform and improve your approach to life and work.
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PTSD (Series) $25

In this series of 5 courses, Dr. Elana Rosencrantz helps viewers understand the many aspects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and provides supportive helpful information, skills and techniques for sufferers of PTSD, their friends, colleagues and family members.
→ Learn More

Managing Addictions (Series) $25

While most people immediately think of addictions to drugs or alcohol, there are many other types of harmful addictions we often don’t think about. When left untreated, addictions not only lead to problems for the addict, but to the addict’s friends, family and coworkers.
→ Learn More

Managing Co-Dependency (Series) $25

Codependency occurs when there are insufficient boundaries between two people and where one person’s sense of wellbeing becomes dependent on how the other person is feeling and/or treating them.
→ Learn More

OCD: Understanding and Dealing with this Painful Disorder $25

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder. Those who suffer from OCD are plagued by uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and repetitive, ritualized behaviors as a means of trying to control their anxiety.
→ Learn More

Navigating Life’s Losses $25

The loss of a family member, friend or even a pet we have deeply loved has a profound and lasting impact. Healing isn’t linear but layered and the process is unique to each individual.
→ Learn More

ADHD: Understand and Help Your Child $25

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurobiological disorder that affects up to 12% of the population. Symptoms begin in childhood and can continue into adulthood. The most common symptoms are hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattentiveness leading to problems at home, school, work and relationships.
→ Learn More

Body Image and Self Esteem $25

Body image refers to how we see ourselves. A person’s body image can be distorted when they carry a belief that they are unattractive, unacceptable or inferior.
→ Learn More

Boundaries: The Secret to Successful Relationships at Work and at Home $25

You can learn clear boundaries in this course to help build healthy and effective relationships. Verbal, physical, and emotional limitations ensure that relationships are defined, safe, and respectful.
→ Learn More

Food for Mood $25

“You are what you eat.” Research supports this old saying, demonstrating that the food we consume has a direct relationship not only on our physical health but our mental health as well.
→ Learn More

“Wow! The Mental Health and Psychological Safety Certificate Course is phenomenal. I am loving every bit of it and the learning is so valuable. I am delighted to be learning from both of you. The course is exhilarating and refreshingly informative and very relevant to current workplace experiences.”

Patricia Koine

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