Hang Tight

I recently booked an online appointment and while it was processing a message came up that said, “Hang Tight.”  It made me smile.

The Urban Dictionary defines this pithy phrase as meaning, “to be left at a standstill while you await further instructions or a solution.”  Sometimes in life we don’t know what to do. Or we know what to do but we simply can’t do it because of insurmountable obstacles, such as the pandemic.   But just because we can’t move forward doesn’t mean we are out of action. It means we have to “hang tight.”

Are you looking for a new job?  Hang tight.
Are you tired of working from home?  Hang tight.
Are you afraid for you health?  Hang tight.
Is your business faltering?  Hang tight.

Take this moment to consider new ideas, strive for innovative solutions, rest, recover, breathe, sleep, search.  Just hang tight. It won’t always be like this.

I’ll leave you with a true story.

A friend of mine had to recently close down her small business.  It had been her dream and passion and was just turning a corner when the pandemic hit.  She cried (a lot), she felt embarrassed and humiliated, she suffered financial losses, she grieved her unfulfilled dreams.  She moved into a small rental home that she could afford and took some time to reflect, rest and get her bearings.  She spent time with her partner and kids, time that had formerly been spent on her business.  She renewed friendships.  As she recuperated the seedlings of a new vision began to sprout and grow.

Some hope.  Some lessons learned.  Friendships and relationships nurtured.

The path emerging before her is simpler.  It includes her family and friends, not excludes them.  It is healthier, less frantic, more peaceful.  It is early days but she has moved from despondency and grief to health and hope.

Hang tight.  We must believe that the best is yet to come.

By Donna Marshall, M.A., CEO, Workright Ltd.

Hang Tight!

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