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Turn-key programs that properly address harassment and bullying
Harassment and bullying are everywhere and the law requires an unbiased, confidential investigation into incidents—either externally or internally.

At Workright, we are experienced in conducting legally sound third-party investigations to protect your employees—and your company. We also offer the first of its kind Harassment Prevention Training Program to certify your organization or school to effectively manage bullying and harassment.

Harassment Complaint? We will investigate.

Create a psychologically safe culture where bullying and harassment cannot thrive. If issues do occur, use Workright’s simple-to-use tools and resources to properly address them.


We address all workplace issues—discrimination, diversity, bullying, harassment, violence, sexual misconduct, whatever threatens a psychologically safe work culture.


We investigate work conflicts from all angles and integrate evidence, policies, procedure, and legislation into a balanced report offering a host of practical solutions.


We put in place best practices—including mediation, training, coaching, internal teams, and E-Learning courses—developed to strengthen workplace culture.

For Harassment Issues – Contact Workright to:

  • Conduct a neutral, unbiased harassment investigation
  • Provide a confidential comprehensive report with recommendations
  • Put in place resources to repair relationships and foster a respectful workplace culture

Harassment Prevention & Response Program

Through Workright’s signature Harassment Prevention and Management program, HEART, we train you to properly investigate incidents of harassment/sexual harassment internally and provide all templates, policies, and forms you need, whether harassment occurs in person or online.

This turn-key solution has been named the gold standard for dealing with harassment and is endorsed by the Ontario Psychological Association.

Corporate Harassment Prevention Program

Look no further for everything you need to prevent and respond to harassment in the workplace. Workright’s signature Harassment Prevention and Response Program has a proven track record of success for nearly a decade in more than 1,000 workplaces.

The Harassment Education Advisory Response Team (HEART) Program is designed to prevent and manage harassment in the workplace by certifying an internal neutral “first responder” team, including HR, to bypass the power differentials inherent in harassment issues. It is the only program of its kind anywhere, with proven effectiveness across industries and organizations.

The HEART Program is:

  • turn-key solution to the widespread problem of harassment and bullying
  • Named the “gold standard” for dealing with workplace harassment
  • Endorsed by the Ontario Psychological Association
  • Implemented in more than 1,000 North American workplaces

Learn all about:

  • The investigation process
  • How to ensure confidentiality
  • How to minimize risk
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Complainant, Respondents, and Witnesses
  • How to come to a neutral unbiased decision
The HEART Program includes:

The HEART Program Manual:  This 128–page manual contains everything required to create a psychologically safe workplace free from bullying and harassment, including a step-by-step guide to conducting a proper internal investigation, with all templates for policies, procedures, scripts, fillable forms, confidentiality documents and more.

The HEART Training Seminar: This engaging comprehensive training course is delivered live or online by an experienced Workright harassment specialist to certify a select internal HEART team tasked with responding to incidents of harassment in your workplace.

To learn more about the Workright Harassment Prevention & Response Program and Manual,
please call 647-341-2283 or

Anti-Bullying Program for Schools


Bullying in schools is an epidemic that can be stopped. Workright’s HEART
Anti-Bullying Program for Schools, along with the Workright Anti-Bullying Handbook, is the best defence against bullying. Our comprehensive training and resources certify school staff as qualified to address the dynamic promptly, properly, and safely.

Specifically designed for the school environment, this comprehensive program deconstructs the psychological framework that allows bullying to thrive, teaches how to foster a respectful spirit where bullying will not be tolerated and provides the tools and strategies needed to address bullying tendencies at every stage.   

The HEART Anti-Bullying Program for Schools includes:

The Workright Anti-Bullying Handbook for Schools: This thoughtful book offers key insight and strategies to equip schools with the tools required to prevent and manage bullying from both psychological and legal perspective. Researched and drafted by a psychologist and lawyer, It is a valuable resource that should be required reading for every school leader and staff member.

The HEART Anti-Bullying Training Seminar: This engaging comprehensive training course is delivered live or online by an experienced Workright harassment specialist to certify a select internal HEART team tasked with responding to incidents of harassment at your school.

To learn more about the Workright Anti-Bullying Program and Book
please call 647-341-2283 or

The HEART Program is the most comprehensive and robust response to violence and harassment in the workplace.

Ashleigh Buston, Director, Human Resources, MDC Partners

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