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Donna Marshall, M.A., Counselling Psychology, RP, CEO and Co-Founder
and Dr. Stephanie Bot, C. Psych., Psychoanalyst, President and Co-Founder

The Impact of Workplace Conflict on Mental Health 

A recent study conducted by TELUS Health Mental Health Index revealed that employees entangled in workplace conflict suffer a significant loss of up to 55 days in productivity annually. The repercussions of such conflict are unmistakable: It results in diminished productivity, induces stress, and contributes to lower mental health scores among affected staff.

In this podcast, Mary Baroll, President of CharityVillage and Donna Marshall, MA, RP, CEO of Workright Ltd. delve into the various factors that fuel workplace conflicts, ranging from power dynamics to instances of racism and microaggressions, as well as escalating workloads. Additionally, they outline the legal obligations of organizations to intervene in such scenarios and offer practical guidance for leaders and staff on how to effectively address conflicts as they arise within the workplace.

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