There is No Corporate Resilience
Without Human Resilience

Companies everywhere are scrambling to deal with the Corona crisis and how to mitigate its impact on their business. But the next wave of adaptation, which is converging fast and furious on the heels of crisis management, is addressing the big question: “How do we build corporate resilience so that if and when this happens again we will be prepared and ahead of the game?” Already larger organizations are throwing together strategy teams on How to Build Corporate Resilience.

But there can be no corporate resilience without human resilience.

We are primarily a knowledge economy. The people in your organization bring the knowledge, expertise, education and wisdom crucial to your success. When you are building your corporate resilience strategy ask yourself these three crucial questions:

  • Do we have mental health supports in place that actually work?
    In a time of crisis and re-building, platitudes and “business speak” don’t cut it. You need qualified mental health professionals, information and resources that are based on research, experience, evidence – and compassion.
  • Do we have a psychologically safe work culture?
    How do you prevent and manage bullying and harassment so that people feel safe to give their all, without fear of psychological and professional harm? You don’t need people taking disability or stress leave due to a toxic work environment. You will need everyone working full steam ahead.
  • Do people in our organization know how to relate in a way that mitigates against conflict and enhances creativity, innovation, hard work and productivity?
    Soft skills are as crucial to your company’s success as are technical skills. How will you build soft skills training into your corporate resilience plan?

By Donna Marshall, M.A., CEO, Workright Ltd.

Remember, there can be no corporate resilience without human resilience.

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