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Our unique integration of business and psychology experience makes our training transformative for people and organizations.


Our library of E-Learning Certification Programs are developed with a psychological foundation by experts in workplace dynamics and curriculum design. All training offers self-reflective strategies that build skills to help people grow in their jobs and careers.


Our transformative e-learning sets people on positive Certification Programs that help them cope with stress, work collaboratively, and rise to their potential.


Developed by psychological experts, all Certification Programs are designed in an interactive format to teach unique strategies for self-reflection and interaction.


Innovative compliance and harassment programs include turn-key training in management and prevention to ensure a psychologically safe and engaged work culture.

Give your employees 24/7 access to professional and personal development at their fingertips, and reduce:




Interpersonal conflict


Corporate risk


Low Productivity

Employee dissatisfaction


Lost profits

Staff turnover

Harassment costs

Licensed Professionals

Dr. Stephanie Bot

C. Psych., Psychoanalyst
President and Co-Founder

Dr. Stephanie Bot is a licensed psychologist, Chief Psychologist at the Forest Hill Centre and co-founder of Workright Ltd.

Dr. Bot brings 20 years of clinical experience, business consulting, research and curriculum development to understanding and addressing mental health issues in the workplace and in individuals.

Along with her business partner, registered psychotherapist Donna Marshall, she conceived and developed the Harassment Education Advisory Response Program (HEART), that is implemented in over 1,200 workplaces globally. Together Dr. Bot and Ms. Marshall built over 100 certificate eLearning courses and programs that specialize in mental health, relationship management, communication skills, soft skills and legislative compliance. Their unique training approach is built on a firm psychological foundation that promotes optimal learning and change.

Dr. Bot conceived, developed and implemented the 3-year psychotherapy program and free community mental health clinic in Toronto that has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

She is a published author, featured speaker and lecturer who has presented her innovative approach to harassment and mental health in the workplace

Donna Marshall

M.A., Counselling Psychology, RP
CEO and Co-Founder

Donna Marshall is a thought leader, professional speaker, lecturer, curriculum developer, and writer specializing in mental health, harassment, psychological safety, and interpersonal skills training.

Along with Dr. Stephanie Bot, she developed the groundbreaking Harassment Education Advisory Team program to manage and prevent harassment in the workplace. She wrote and facilitated leadership curricula for the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and has appeared numerous times on a CBC television affiliate as a specialist in bullying and harassment.

Donna acted as Chair of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA) Toronto Committee on Leadership, spearheading a province-wide assessment of HR Leaders and contributing to developing a curriculum of programs in response to the results. 

Her articles on bullying and harassment in the workplace are published in HR Professional magazine. She has presented at the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Lancaster House, legal and HRPA conferences, Health and Safety forums, and other notable national and international conventions.

Donna regularly consults and advises organizations on how to develop and implement programs on mental health and psychological safety in the workplace. As a mental health clinician in private practice, she also treats clients on an individual basis.

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