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Get Workright Certified with access to skills-based Certificate Programs developed by Masters and Doctoral level subject matter experts.


Course Library includes engaging E-Learning Courses in Mental Health and Wellness, Soft Skills, Communication, Leadership, Diversity, Compliance, Harassment Prevention and more.

Workright Certificate Programs

All Workright Certificate Programs are developed by Masters and Doctoral level subject matter experts.

Compliance Certification Package (Ontario)
Master Certificate in Mental Health & Psychological Safety


Leading with Respect Program
Soft Skills Certificate Program
Anti-Harassment Compliance Training Program
Corporate Harassment Prevention & Response Program (HEART)
HEART Anti-Bullying Program for Schools
Basic Anti-Bullying Program for Schools

Workright Course Catalogs

Interactive e-learning courses, available individually or as a Soft Skills Certificate program, teach valuable soft skills people need to thrive in their jobs and careers.

Insightful courses help people become self aware about their communication style and teach skills to improve interpersonal interaction at all levels of the organization.

Available separately or as a Compliance package, interactive e-learning courses provide compliance training certification to meet obligations under legislation.

Psychologist-developed e-learning courses share tools and insights to navigate personalities, styles and expectations, using unique strategies that work.

E-learning courses, programs and resources for organizations, bullies and people harassed offer turn-key harassment solutions.

Skills-based courses target how change affects people individually and in teams and teach strategies for how to manage the emotions and process of change.

Developed by psychological experts, compassionate, life-impacting e-learning courses help people understand and manage mental health challenges and build well being.

E-learning courses illustrate what it means to act like a professional and offer insight into how to present your “best self” in the work world.

Interactive courses focus on people skills and provide basic to senior level leadership, knowledge and techniques, using real-life scenarios to support learning.

Select management professional share their unique knowledge and expertise in dynamic HR-specific e-learning courses designed to streamline processes.

Get Workright Certified in Soft Skills, Compliance, and Mental Health.

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