Navigating Politics, Priorities
& Time in the Workplace

Navigating Politics, Priorities & Time in the Workplace

Successfully managing work relationships within a political hierarchy doesn’t come automatically to most people. What we do know is that there are some basic navigating politics principles you can follow that will help you boost your job and career success. As well, smart, simple strategies for setting priorities and managing time will help you work most effectively.
To master these techniques, you need to be able to reflect on and improve your soft skills in these areas. 

In this fun, interactive e-learning course, you will learn a framework for navigating politics, priorities and time in a workplace setting.

In Navigating Politics, Priorities & Time in the Workplace, you will gain an understanding of:


  • How workplace politics plays out in every organization
  • Self awareness of your role and how to stay within its parameters
  • How to manage up, down, and across the organization
  • How to use soft skills to your advantage in managing politics, priorities and time 
  • An easy model for developing priorities
  • How to manage time using realistic planning tools


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